I’ve struggled to find time for reading in my life lately, so I’m grateful that I’ve made space for it in 2021.

I love reading and I always have since I was a little boy. A good book has the ability to enchant the mind, body, and soul and rescue you from the mundane with an adventure to the magical. Through writing, we walk in the shoes of those who are different from us, and we see the world through the prism of their perspective. The ability to read itself is a privilege, as is the wealth of accessibility and resources that many of us enjoy. …

View of a destroyed Jewish shop in Berlin on Nov. 11, 1938, after the anti-Semitic violence of Kristallnacht.

November 9th marks 82 years since the Nazi-coordinated pogrom Kristallnacht. The SA-Paramilitary and civilians initiated a campaign of anti-semetic hatred against the Jewish population. Jewish homes, schools, businesses and places of worship were ransacked and pillaged with attackers demolishing buildings with sledgehammers. An estimated 91 Jewish people were killed, 267 synagogues destroyed and 30,000 Jewish people arrested and marched to concentration camps. The “Night of Broken Glass” is named after the shards of glass that littered the streets following the destruction and looting of businesses. The German authorities stood by and watched, choosing not to intervene.

Kristallnacht was a prelude…

On June 24th 2016, the day after the UK voted to leave the European Union, Vice-President Joe Biden was in Dublin reflecting on his Irish roots. He offered his retort, lashing out at “reactionary politicians and demagogues peddling xenophobia, nationalism and isolationism”. Four and a half years later, Biden appears poised to seize the White House and become the care-taker of transatlantic relations. What would a President Biden mean for Britain, Brexit and Boris?

With regards to Ireland, one of the hallmark accomplishments of post-war US foreign policy is the influential role the country played in securing peace through the…

Vice President Mike Pence is first in the line of succession to receive presidential powers.

With just under a month until Americans take to the polls, President Trump has been infected with a lethal virus that has claimed the lives of over 210,000 of his constituents and counting. Recently hospitalised, the President’s election campaign has crashed to a halt at it’s most important inflection point. Now discharged a medicated and ill Donald Trump is continuing his medical treatment at the White House. What would the consequences be for American government and politics if the President’s condition took a turn for the worse?

The US Constitution provides a mechanism for the transfer of presidential powers in…

August 23rd 2008: Obama and Biden embrace after the future president unveiled his running mate in Springfield, Illinois.

The office of Vice President has been historically occupied by characters of great importance. Harry Truman ascended from the Vice Presidency to become a war-time President faced with decisions on a nuclear scale. Lyndon Johnson had to rise to the challenge of uniting a grieving yet fractured nation. Gerald Ford had the unenviable task of restoring faith in an Oval Office marred by scandal and corruption. …

Ryan Stewart

Computer Science Student @DurhamUniversity. I write about all things US and UK Politics. Check out my articles below :)

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